10 Things I Have Learnt From Using a Side Sleeper Pillow

The first thing we do after birth is cry, and the next is sleep. Sleeping comes naturally to humans. This is one of the easiest of all activities. In truth however, it isn’t as simple as that. Too little or too much sleeping has been known to cause many health issues, such as dementia, heart disease, obesity and Alzheimer’s among others. Many people face problems in dozing off easily, and have disturbed sleep too.

Sleep experts and doctors have been recommending the use of side sleeping pillows for many years. Apparently, side sleeping is the best position for your health, and it’s the best position for the quality of your sleep too.

I used to sleep mostly on my back before, but that was before I found this out. I purchased a couple of the recommended best side sleeper pillows and started developing the habit of sleeping on my sides. Initially it was difficult, because this was not my natural position, but within a week or so, I was comfortable on my sides. And I noticed a marked difference soon.

Since then, over the last 2 years, I have been sleeping on my sides. I am sleeping better, waking up fresh, and am healthier now than before.

Here Are a Few Lessons I Learned From Using a Side Sleeper Pillow

  1. Though sturdier, these pillows are still very comfortable – I came to know that side sleepers are sturdier, and was worried whether they would be comfortable enough. I was proved wrong. These pillows are extremely comfortable.
  1. They are the best pillows for neck pain – You should certainly use a side sleeper if you have neck or shoulder pain. The pillow covers the gap between your ears and shoulder and gives your neck good support.
  1. The pillow lets you sleep in the most natural position – Side sleeping is the most natural position. Most animals too sleep in this position. You will naturally have better sleep if you are dozing off in your natural position.
  1. The best position to keep your hand – Where do you keep your hand when you are sleeping on your side? Side sleepers have come up with a unique design to help you solve this. In many pillows, there’s a place for the hand. It’s so convenient. Just what I needed.
  1. You cannot use another pillow if you sleep on the side – When I am traveling, I sometimes have to use another pillow. I don’t have a choice. I discovered that it is impossible to sleep well in another pillow. Side sleepers are the best.
  1. I wake up better – There is no pain in my body. It’s as if I have a new body. When I sleep in a side sleeper, I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. I am in a good mood and do better at work too.
  1. Not all side sleepers are the same – Generally these pillows are better for side sleepers, but having said this, you have to still pick the right one. Make sure that it is not too sturdy or slippery, and is of the right height.
  1. There are many types of side sleepers – Memory foam is the best. But feather-filled, buckwheat and latex pillows are good too. Each pillow type has its own advantage. See what works for you.
  1. Change your pillow from time to time – You cannot use your pillow for an eternity, no matter how good it is. Change the side sleeper from time to time.
  1. Don’t compromise on the pillow quality – Buy a good pillow from a reputed store. You should never compromise on the quality of your side sleeper.